2018 Community Supported Permaculture

“Sometimes miracles happen when you least expect them. On many levels I have let my love of the land go into suspended animation after decades of trying to reconnect. This was almost like having a jolt to the heart to bring someone back to life.” 

-Ben Brown

Community Supported Permaculture  is back for 2018 and we believe it’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to start your Permaculture journey, learn about foraging, and transform your yard into a low-maintenance, productive paradise.

This is the “CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) that feeds you for a lifetime, everything you need to get your project started: plants, seeds, consultation, and a course that walks you through the entire process of planning, designing, installing and maintaining your forest garden or Permaculture project. This year’s Community Supported Permaculture package focusses on “Getting Started,” and comes with an exciting collection of high-value seeds and live plants specifically selected for the Great Lake’s region, including our top recommended fruit trees and bushes, edible native plants, and a selection of rare perennial vegetables. (Learn more!)

Let us be your personal gardening/landscaping coaches for the season. We’ll help you avoid the common mistakes that too often make for unhappy gardeners, mistakes that cost a lot of money, cause high plant mortality rates, create huge work and maintenance burdens and make messy yards. Again, our gardens at Lillie House are proof that food forests need not look like weedy thickets. (For more examples of beautiful forest gardens, visit our pinboard on traditional forest garden systems.)

Thanks from the bottom of my heart. This is just the beginning of our relationship.” 

– Gail, Come and See Farm

Best of all, you’ll join a community of Permaculturists and forest gardeners working on finding the best plants, tools and techniques for forest gardening in the Great Lakes Region. And you’ll be supporting us in the work we do at Lillie House to build a more just and sustainable culture in S.W. Michigan.

So, we hope this year you’ll join our growing community of Permaculturists who are transforming their own lives and landscapes, and investing in a better future.

“Thank you! I can’t say how happy i am that i did this membership. It has been really informative and great to see your garden as it goes through the seasons and to hear about others projects and ideas and challenges. So thankful for you and kim and your work!”

– Krystal Leigh, FIDO Motors.

Reserve your space now

Classes will be 3rd Saturdays, May – November, from 9:00 AM to 12:00. 

Or for more details, visit: https://lilliehousekzoo.wordpress.com/community-supported-forest-garden-program/